El Running también crea tendencia en la moda


Running also creates a trend in fashion

There is no doubt that Running is in fashion. In fact, to say that it is fashionable is too obvious, we would say that is at its peak . Around three million people practice it an average of twice a week in Spain. The reasons are multiple: it is an easy sport to practice, it is relatively cheap and, most importantly, it is good for your body.

In fact, we could make a list of the most important advantages of doing regular Running:

It is practiced by both men and women and they can do it together.
Running can be done in an infinite number of places: parks, walks, on the street, industrial estates, mountains , etc.
This is an activity that can be combined very well with your agenda and your schedules. Allows flexibility when practicing it.
Reduces tensions and allows one to get away from day-to-day problems for a while.
Releases endorphins and it makes you feel healthier and better about yourself.
At the cardiovascular level, it is a highly recommended sport. It helps control blood pressure and also strengthens the bones.
Improves the activity and sexual life of those who practice it.

To go running, the basic elements necessary to be able to run properly are, on the one hand, light running shoes and, on the other, comfortable and breathable clothing.

That said, the rise of this eminently urban sport and its widespread practice is causing significant social and cultural repercussions. In fact, Running is affecting fashion and is creating trends when it comes to dressing and renewing the look of people who practice it.

Runners have joined the trend of wearing “sporty” clothes. More and more we see boys and girls wearing casual, urban and sports clothes completing their look, even without practicing sports, at work, spending time with friends, shopping at a mall or enjoying moments of leisure such as the cinema or other shows.

This trend of wearing "sporty" clothing is observed in the use of casual and urban footwear, in the use of t-shirts in bright and intense colors or with the presence of accessories such as caps, beanies or backpacks modern sports.

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