Carlos Soria, primer alpinista con 75 años en subir 8.500 metros


Carlos Soria, the first 75-year-old mountaineer to climb 8,500 meters

Who says mountaineering is only for young people? Carlos Soria has shown that this statement is false, since at the age of 75 he has managed to become the oldest person to reach 8,500 meters of altitude. This experienced mountaineer has dared to embark on an adventure to conquer the third highest mountain on the planet, the summit of Kanchenjunga, located between Nepal and India.

With its concretely 8,586 meters, this mountain has not managed to intimidate Carlos Soria, who after 14 hours of ascent managed to reach the top of this mountain, reaching the record as the oldest person to reach such an altitude. It is noteworthy to mention that this great achievement allows Carlos Soria to continue from strength to strength with his project of reaching 14 eight-thousanders. So it can be said that his adventure does not end here, since in the autumn season he will head towards Shisha Pangma to crown its main peak.

This retired mountaineer from Moralzarzal, in the Sierra de Guadarrama, does not put aside his projects as a mountaineer and is always in a constant search to improve himself and achieve all his goals. In fact, in 2015 he plans to conquer the summits of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri if all goes well. Despite his logical fatigue after such an ascent, Carlos Soria was really happy after having successfully climbed his ascent to the summit of Kanchenjunga.

As he has already achieved in other eight-thousanders, Soria has completed his conquest of the summit at the hands of his partner Muktu Sherpa, a guide with great experience in relation to the Nepalese height. As is obvious, this moment had to be immortalized, and for this reason there was no shortage of photographs, videos and telephone communications to be able to report the happy news of having managed to overcome an unparalleled challenge at the age of 75. And it is that not everyone can boast of being the oldest person to conquer a summit of such characteristics.

Seeing cases like Carlos Soria's gives us a clear idea that extreme sports are not only for young people, and that those older people who feel capable of facing these types of challenges also have the doors open to achieve resounding success. In fact, Soria is not the only adventurer who, with his age, has achieved the success of reaching his goal, since names such as Cleonice Weidlich, 51 years old or Wang Jing, 40 years old, can be mentioned, who They have launched to crown the top of Everest and Lhotse. And you, will you be the next Carlos Soria?