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Sunglasses Categories

What to choose and which ones are best according to the context, place, environment or situation in which you are going to be


First of all and before looking at the categories of sunglasses, make sure they have the certificate EC. There are several things that you have to pay attention to when choosing good sunglasses to protect your eyes from solar radiation. But the most important thing is to check that it has the CE seal, this guarantees that it conforms to the four categories established that tell you how much light they protect you from.

Sunglasses protection categories are set from 0 to 4. Not because they have greater category protection they will protect you better or worse from UV400 radiation since the categories indicate the amount of light transmission that they allow to pass and this is added to the UV400 solar filter. The higher the category, the darker the lenses, and the lower the category, the more light it will let through. Depending on the environment where you are going to move, it will be advisable to use one or another lens category. For example, if you are going to go to the mountains and it is snowy with a radiant sun, the ideal is to use a category 4, but if you are going to drive, you need more light so a category 3 would be fine. In this case, category 4 is prohibited to drive.



They are purely fashion sunglasses, with them you don't have to expose yourself too much to the sun.


The level of protection increases, but they are still not suitable for use with a lot of sun exposure.


Considered the most suitable protection for normal activities under strong sunlight.


The highest level of protection, only suitable for activities in which the eyes are exposed to extreme light levels, such as skiing or mountaineering. They are prohibited to drive.

Depending on where you are going to use the sunglasses, you will need one category of lens or another.

The environment and the use that you are going to give it, influences a lot. You always have to keep in mind why we are going to use sunglasses, for example, to drive or for a specific sport. More lens category is not synonymous with better

Where are you going to be?

For driving: For safety, category 3 glasses are recommended and preferably polarized.

For routine day-to-day when the sun is out, it would be appropriate to wear category 2 or 3 lenses, depending on how strong the sun hits.

Sea and mountains: The perfect shield for outdoor activities that require protection in very bright conditions, it is appropriate to use sunglasses closed on the sides and with polarized lenses if possible, never less than a category 3 lens and if possible, category 4.

In the infographic that you can find in this post, we explain everything in a more visual way so that you can fully understand the structure of the categories of sunglasses and their protection.

Remember that the most important thing is to adapt the type of lens category that you are going to use to the environment where you are going to be. More sunglasses category is not synonymous with better, in fact, it can be even worse since driving with a lens that is too dark can make you stop perceiving many details of the road and have an accident not wanted. Enjoy your sunglasses and enjoy life!!