Cómo reparar rayaduras y arañazos en tu tabla de snowboard


How to repair scuffs and scratches on your snowboard

You should know that, if you are still an amateur rider, sharpening the edges is a maintenance job that is enough to do it once or twice a year; but if you are a more advanced rider and you give the board a lot of power... you must be clear that the repair of scratches and scratches on the base of the snowboard must be done every two or three outings. For what reason? Because you will increase the speed of the board and you will achieve a “cleaner”, softer and finer snowboard. It is a pity to invest good money in a quality snowboard and not be able to enjoy its properties due to lack of maintenance.

The wax to repair scratches and scratches on your snowboard

Before starting the snowboard waxing process, we must prepare the sole for it. The first step is to fill in the scuffs and scratches that you have detected on the sole of the board, as a result of going over stones, branches or other irregularities in your movements.

The process is very similar to waxing. First make sure you clean the sole of the board well using a special solvent product. To cover the scratch holes we need a metal snowboard scraper, a P-Tex or Cofix bar and a lighter.

Prepare the base of your board with the metal scraper. Then burn the P-Tex stick with the lighter and let it drip off the board until the flame on the stick turns blue. Then fill in the holes and scratches in the board with it. Finally, remove the excess P-tex with the metal scraper.

And that's it! Your board is ready for a good waxing after covering scratches and scratches. In this video you have a demonstration of how to repair scratches and scratches on your snowboard: