¿Es el Parkour un deporte extremo o un estilo de vida?


Is Parkour an extreme sport or a lifestyle?

Parkour an extreme sport and lifestyle

For you who are interested in extreme sports and being pushed to the limit, surely you know about Parkour. It is considered an art but borders on the status of a sports discipline due to its physical and mental demands. It is about moving through the environment that surrounds you using the capabilities of your body, maximizing the effectiveness, efficiency and safety of each movement, with the aim of starting from point A and moving to point B, overcoming any obstacle that stands in the way. in front of. There is no desire for competition, there are no teams, there is no violence. Just a goal and a way to achieve it.

Anything that stands in front of you and that prevents you from reaching that goal is considered an obstacle and you must overcome walls, railings, billboards, street furniture, vegetation, banks, buildings... whatever gets in your way. As we have said, this way of moving requires training to have sufficient strength and physical resistance. You can train gradually and safely, moving during your daily walks doing basic movements and trying new tricks. In addition, to practice freerunning is also to pursue beauty in movements, the use of acrobatics to move admirably, just as we admire cats when we observe the agility with which they move and overcome obstacles.

And that's when this phenomenon could be called a lifestyle. Could we move continuously in Parkour mode? After all, it is a way to make it safe and efficient. Or do you think it's something too extravagant to be practicing frequently? Do you agree that it is a safe discipline?

We want to show you this video with spectacular images of people practicing Parkour. Judge for yourself if it seems a safe enough discipline to you and if it could be considered a lifestyle, a habitual and beautiful way of moving around a site to site.

What did you think of the video? Did you like it? Have you ever practiced Parkour?