F*CK 2020 | The Indian Face


F*CK 2020 | The Indian Face

GOODBYE, 2020!

Let's be honest to all our Indian Spirits, we at The Indian Face also want this year to be over and over NOW...FUCK 2020! The year that made us radically change overnight, that made us feel more cautious than necessary, and fear perhaps sometimes, but above all, a year that made us completely change our routine, to participate only in marathons of series and movies... to feel that perhaps we would not soon go out to the mountains, the slopes, the sea... a feeling of isolation that undoubtedly made us raise our guard a little...

BUT NOW THAT'S OVER! Now we leave a year behind and enter a new one with all the desire in the world, a 2021 that we know will be full of new challenges but also opportunities to GO OUT, because adventure... the real adventure, awaits us out there. That bitter taste that the separation once left us can only be left behind by doing what we like the most, what we are most passionate about, what makes us feel truly free... because the true Indian Spirits were born to BE FREE. We didn't make this up, this is a reality, and we say it with pride...

fuck 2020 <tc>The Indian Face</tc>

To all of you who skated in your living room, to those who fell asleep listening to the sound of the sea in your helmets, to those who continued training and training hard for when we went out to venture into the countryside again, to get back on the bikes, the motorbikes, to return to the tables that could hardly take anymore with the dust... WE GREETINGS YOU, and we congratulate you for keeping the passion for sport and action ALIVE, for joining us now to appreciate even more to go out and breathe the fresh air.

We say it with pride: we have overcome this GREAT CHALLENGE that 2020 represented... and we will continue to overcome any adversity that is coming in this world. But yes, we will do it TOGETHER, united by the same passion for action, the same love for feeling liberated by living the most extreme adventures: with all the effort, grit, enjoyment, satisfaction and union with the world that he raises his arms so high to shout to everyone that you are and will continue to be a crack, and that you are truly free doing so.