¡Ya vienen los reyes! TOP 5 opciones para regalar este 2021


The kings are coming! TOP 5 options to give away this 2021


If you are one of those who gets stressed when buying gifts and you have no idea what to buy for your mother, father, son, sister, or even your partner.This article is for you! Many times between work, the hustle and bustle of the end of the year, the holidays, and so on, we complicate ourselves and make the task of buying gifts for our loved ones a world. At The Indian Face® we want to make everything much easier for you. That is why we leave you a guide to the TOP 5 Kings gifts below:


The sunglasses are without a doubt a gift that never fails! We want to give you the best ideas, that's why we assure you that this is a great gift for whoever you want to surprise on Christmas Eve (that's the best part). It is a gift that will always come in handy and that falls like pearls, whether it is for a man or a woman.

It never hurts to give protection. It is very important to take care of your eyes from the sun at any time or time of the year. Giving away sunglasses is giving away fashion, health and well-being, which is always well received. There are different models of glasses. Depending on the style of each person and their tastes, you can show off with your gift:

Top 5 regalos reyes

Square sunglasses

They are sunglassesl that look good on almost everyone. You can opt for different shades, depending on the taste of the person to give as a gift. For the most daring, there are vibrant colors, but if it is for someone more classic, the black and/or brown models will be better. If you are not very clear about which glasses that special person will like, this model will surely be your lifesaver.

Tortoiseshell sunglasses

Carey sunglasses sare a modern and classic style, in amber and brown tones. If what you are looking for is a gift that complements basic and traditional outfits, tortoiseshell frames are sure to be the best option. The shades of this model of glasses are ideal for this winter season because they are easy to combine with dark colored garments. If you are still thinking about it, it is time for you to dare and bet on a trendy gift for this and the next season.

Round sunglasses

These designs are highly acclaimed for their delicacy, minimalist style and because they tend to look good on almost all types of faces. It is a classic format and provides such a sophisticated touch that it attracts celebrities from film and television. The entire collection of The Indian Face® sunglasses for men and women is made up of a wide variety of models and colors. Glasses with polarized lenses for any type of conditions and ultra-light frames for a better sensation. They are an excellent gift option for this approaching Kings date. That's why we will continue to give you more options based on these articles.

gafas deportivas para regalar


In the event that the gift is for someone who practices sports, it will not be a problem! Giving sports glasses to that person who loves adrenaline and freedom will make you her favorite. The premium brand Uller® (available on our website) is created by and for elite athletes. All the glasses are created under the experience of high performance athletes and to cover all possible requirements.

The models of sports glasses are on-trend and of course include UV 400 protection. They are ideal for running, cycling, skiing or practicing any other sport. Its lenses are interchangeable and 2 different ones are included: for sunny days and another for days with bad conditions. The sports glasses are adjustable in seconds thanks to the inner frame where corrective lenses can be placed. These sports glasses are suitable for both men and women and adapt perfectly to the contours of the face. They are available in different color combinations so you can freely choose the perfect gift.

mascara de esqui mejor regalo reyes


We can't forget about the snow fans! Ski goggles will be the most valid option to give to our friends who are skiers or snowboard lovers. Likewise, the brand Uller® has glasses created by and for freeriders. Give the gift of adrenaline, the possibility of better performance and maximum reliability in extreme conditions, give the gift of SKI GLASSES! Of course, it is important to take into account certain characteristics before buying this type of glasses.

It is essential that the glasses have UV 400 protection so that they correctly block ultraviolet rays. You should also consider the color of the lenses, since these help in performance when sliding on the snow. The lenses vary by colors and categories, depending on the intentions or practices of the person to give, you will choose one or the other. A surprise would be giving away ski goggles with interchangeable magnetic lenses. A technology that allows you to change lenses in less than 2 seconds!
The best thing is that it is an equally unisex gift, where you will definitely stand out.

gorras para regalar


The trucker caps sports speak for one! Following the line of protection; the caps are the ideal complement for any time of the year and are an accessory that helps reflect personality.

They come in all styles, colors and sizes. Today they have become a hallmark of fashion, which not only fulfills the function of protecting from the sun, but also provides a touch of identity. At The Indian Face® we have caps with the best quality standards and as many colors as you need to choose the best gift. A good unisex gift option is trucker caps, known for a classic style inspired by the 80s and 90s, with a mesh back. Ideal to take on a trip and accompany on adventures!

relojes para regalar


The best gift you can give someone is time! The watches are another complement that do not fail and never they are too much For both men and women, they are accessories that complement the outfits according to the style of each one. There are endless designs and colors to choose from. A watch is a classic gift that always looks good.

Whether it is for a person in your family or circle of friends, it will be a good choice. To make your task a bit easier, at The Indian Face® we offer you this unisex-style accessory, an adjustable strap to any wrist thickness, and the perfect size of the dial for both men and women. Let's remember that these dates are valuable times to meet, celebrate and enjoy loved ones. An equally special gift!

los mejores regalos para reyes

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