Giant wave surfer Garrett McNamara, who in 2011 rode the biggest wave in history (accounted for), has surpassed his own mark by crowning, with the help of his board (and a jet ski that took him to the suitable place), a wave or mountain (that each one describes it as they want) of nothing more and nothing less than 30 meters high.
The same scenario occurred last Monday in Praia do Norte (Nazaré, Portugal) where the American broke the old record a little over a year ago and became part of surfing history. And it is that in that area an unusual phenomenon occurs caused by a gap in the continental plate that acts like a funnel, 170 kilometers long and five deep, when receiving the tidal waves of the Atlantic. The result is the formation of huge waves.
Garrett McNamara says “I feel privileged. We got everything we wanted. It was a great personal challenge”, in statements to Portuguese television Sic Noticias.
The session is part of The North Canyon Show project, an initiative created by the city council of the Portuguese town to promote its spectacular spot internationally. A delicious and terrifying attraction for XXL wave hunters that has paid off, since these days Nazaré is the epicenter of surfing, a sport that, according to the latest estimates, is practiced by 30 million people.
Due to the small difference with the previous record (from 27 to 30 meters), we will have to wait a few days for the record to be confirmed. For now, the organizers have asked two giant wave experts to analyze the images to certify that the North American has ridden one the size of a 10-story building.
Enjoy the video!!