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Like so many things in life, there are places that mark. Dream places that once we discover them remain etched in our retinas. Of all the landscapes that we have in Spain, there is a community that surprises us with something new every time we visit. And it is Galicia. Its diversity of beaches, with some wild, perfect for surfing, others virgin and idyllic for lying down and basking in the sun, make us want to grab a towel and swimsuit and discover its corners. In another article we revealed lthe 5 best spots in Galicia for surfing, today we want to offer you a guide to the most instagrammable beaches. Crystal clear waters bathed by the Atlantic and the Cantabrian Sea, fine white sand, golden dunes... We warn you, if you go to these beaches, charge your mobile first.


More than a beach, we could call it the “cathedral of the sea”. Anyone who has been there will agree that this wonder located in Lugo is one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. Its waters are emerald color and its white sand. But the best? The rock arches are the result of the passage of time, the sea and the wind. Make sure the tide is low when you go, so you can walk between these arches. Maybe you didn't know, but if you go in summer or Easter you have to book on the web before going. Undoubtedly, one of the most spectacular places that can be photographed.

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Considered by many the most beautiful beach in Spain and even Europe. You will believe that you are in the middle of a dream on a Caribbean beach, but in reality you are on the Cíes Islands, in Pontevedra. In 2007 it was declared by The Guardian newspaper the best beach in the world. It is impossible to find a finer sand, not to mention the color of the sea. Something not so good? Stick a finger in the water and you will see how cold it is. But hey, you know that the Galician coast does not stand out for the warmth of its waters. Do you like scuba diving? The waters of these islands are every diver's dream. If you want to take the best photo, put this beach on your summer agenda.

<tc>the indian face</tc> instagrammable beaches galicia


Our third recommendation for this beach route is a completely virgin beach, within the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia. On the island of Ons we find this wonder, the beach of Melide. We warn you in advance: it is a nudist beach. The magic of this beach is that its size is small and it is never crowded, sometimes you can be completely alone. Important: the only way to get there is by boat. You can catch it in Sanxenxo, Portonovo, Cangas, Marín, Aldán and Bueu. It can also be reached by private boat, although it is necessary to request permission to anchor. The waters are crystal clear and calm, and the views of Sanxenxo and Portonovo are to frame.

<tc>the indian face</tc> instagrammable beaches galicia


On the banks of the Ría de Vigo lies this hidden paradise, Menduiña beach. A quiet and family beach where you can lie on the sand, open your favorite book and disconnect. A unique place to enjoy nature, take a dip in its waters and relax watching the sunset over the sea. Do you want the best photo? Come to Meduiña and wait for the sunset, you will be entranced by such beauty.

<tc>the indian face</tc> instagrammable beaches galicia


Sheltered by Mount Louro, is Area Maior Beach, in Muros. 1400 meters of sand surrounded by wild dunes, vegetation and the mountains that will leave you speechless. It is the envy of every surfer, with virgin waves and being able to surf completely alone in the sea. In addition, the water temperature is quite good to be found in Galicia. Undoubtedly a mandatory stop if you travel to Galicia this summer.

<tc>the indian face</tc> instagrammable beaches galicia

So far our five most instagrammable beaches in Galicia. Five beaches that will steal your heart and you'll just want to photograph everything so you never forget them.

Although both you and we know that the most beautiful things are hard to forget.

<tc>the indian face</tc> instagrammable beaches galicia