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In The Indian Face, we like few things more than jumping into the water to catch the best waves. The feeling of coming down a wave and sliding down its wall is hard to compare to anything else. But if there is something that drives us crazy, it is witnessing a good surf show. Luckily, given the quality of our coasts in Spain, a number of championships for different sea sports are held: surfing, windsurfing, sailing, diving... and we always try not to miss any. Do you remember the post about the best waves in Galicia to surf? Well, today we want to tell you all about the Abanca Pantin Classic Pro, the world surfing competition in Galicia .

Sign up these dates: from July 9 to 17, 2022 the 35th edition of the Abanca Pantin Classic Pro will be held, one of the world events of the WSL Circuit (World Surfing League ). Year after year, Pantín beach, in Ferrolterra, welcomes the best surfers on the international scene. It will not surprise you to walk along the beach and bump into well-known surf stars. In previous editions, names like Gabriel Medina, Aritz Aranburu, Tom Curren, Sofía Mulanovich, Alana Blanchard or even Bethany Hamilton paraded.

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Sitting down with friends to see the performance of the top riders is a real luxury, and Galicia puts it within our reach. But it's not just a plan for surfing. During that week Pantín and the whole area is full of people from all over the world and there are very cool plans. It breathes a very surfer vibe and offers a thousand options, from food trucks, skate ramp, concerts live on the beach, party At the end of the competition, stands where your own surfboard is painted with the design you want... It is the most anticipated week for all surf lovers, and no wonder.

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At The Indian Face we like to take care of what we love the most: our mother earth. We want to pamper our beaches and thank you for the good times you give us. We are very committed to sustainability and we like to see how more and more projects are committed to it. We want to tell you something. Did you know that Estrella Galicia is going to turn used plastic into furniture? As you hear it. Estrella Galicia, one of the sponsors of the event, has developed an initiative together with WE Sustainability that consists of recycling all the plastic used to turn it into furniture for upcoming music festivals such as Caudal Fest or Morriña Fest.

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Now that you know everything about the 35th edition of the Pantin Classic Surf Pro, surely it is one of your mandatory appointments this summer. Are you thinking about what you can not miss in your suitcase? We tell you: your favorite cap. You cannot present yourself in one of the top surfing championships without your best ally. For this reason, we show you the accessory that yes or yes has to be with you on this adventure: the Born to Surf. With a trucker style and snap-back closure, it is available in 5 color combinations: brown and grey; blue and white; brown, blue and yellow; blue, red and white and finally, navy blue.

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Are you ready? Call a couple of friends and book the week of July 9-17. You will have a great time and you will fall in love with the beach and sports. We do not lie, you will not regret it.

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