Yuki Kadono gana de manera espectacular el slopestyle de snowboard del Burton US Open


Yuki Kadono wins the Burton US Open snowboarding slopestyle in spectacular fashion

You can't miss this impressive video of the test that gave victory to the Japanese rider Yuki Kadono in the last Burton US Open, on March 6. We have seen the video and it has left our hair on end. Impressive indeed.

Yuki was, at the time, ranked third and his first race had already been “one of the best ever” (according to Jack Mitrani) ending with an impact that “nobody could have been able to land correctly” (according to Mark McMorris). ‘McLovin’ was the only competitor to stand up to Yuki, dropping two virtuoso tricks in the form of an FS Triple Cork 14 to a BS Triple 14 (the two most technical moves done to date).

We already talked about Yuki Kadono in a recent blog post titled “Yuki Kadono: Japan's Snowboarding Hope” and, as you can see, we weren't wrong. In said post we already talked about his origins, his successes during his career and the future challenges he planned to undertake.

Watch Yuki's video and judge for yourself the spectacularity of the test.