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    to total versatility and make them ideal for any time of day and weather condition. We offer a wide variety of polarized sunglasses (specifically) to go to the mountains, to go to the beach, to ski, to play sports outdoors or simply to wear your look more urban. Its avant-garde style is ideal to combine with any type of outfit for men and women.

    What are polarized sunglasses? How do polarized lenses work?

    They are sunglasses whose lenses are polarized. Polarized is a vertical filter that blocks the rays of sunlight that reach our eyes horizontally, for example, when the sun's rays reflect off snow, seawater or asphalt. The main benefit of polarized sunglasses is to make your vision more pleasant and relaxed.

    Polarized sunglasses will always be your best option, and it is essential that you buy them certified by the EU and with UV 400 protection. Any other polarized sunglasses will not be enough to protect you from the sun. If you want to wear the best sunglasses, think about which ones would fit you best, square sunglasses, or round sunglasses. Third, think about the activity you are going to do, whether it is indoors or outdoors, whether it is day or night, whether it is summer or winter; all these factors influence your decision when buying polarized sunglasses.

    Why do we make Polarized Sunglasses for Men and Polarized Sunglasses for Women? What advantages do they have?

    1. The main benefit of polarized sunglasses is that they provide glare-free vision. At least those of horizontal light that are the most frequent, as we have commented.
    2. Polarized sunglasses provide greater sharpness and a higher level of contrast.
    3. They reduce eyestrain and visual fatigue, by providing natural and original coloring.
    4. The filter of polarized sunglasses can be combined with other important filters, such as visible light filters and the UV filter, required by law, so that they provide complete protection.

    In the same way, we will briefly tell you about some technical characteristics of our polarized sunglasses frames that may be of interest to you:

    • Ultra light frame made of PC or polycarbonate. The polycarbonate that we use in our polarized sunglasses is of the best quality that exists on the market, resistant, very light and comfortable.
    • Many of our frames available in our online sunglasses store have 5-bar titanium hinges for greater durability at peak performance. Sunglasses can be opened and closed thousands of times, so it is important to have top-quality hinges capable of withstanding the passage of time.

    Once we have explained the technical part of our men's sunglasses and women's sunglasses, we will try to explain what lies behind the design of our latest collection. Do we make trendy sunglasses, square sunglasses, round sunglasses, fashion sunglasses?

    At The Indian Face we have always been particularly concerned with aesthetics. Yes, the aesthetics.We understand life as squeezable in each one of its seconds and that implies also squeezing every aesthetic moment that we have close by, whether we think of wearing our polarized sunglasses to go to the countryside, enjoy a walk in the mountains, take a swimming at the beach, complementing a specific outfit, athleisure or casual, so in our catalog of sunglasses you will find round sunglasses, square sunglasses and all kinds of modern glasses and fashion sunglasses

    Our design team conceptualizes the idea and puts it into practice achieving the best possible polarized sunglasses for every moment and place. Thus, we have models of polarized sunglasses that are more sporty like other models of fashionable sunglasses or modern sunglasses, always being unisex models, we could say that they are designed with one more point than women's sunglasses. In the same way as in previous collections, we continue to have our classic sunglasses, square sunglasses, and classics that have accompanied our brand since its creation more than 15 years ago. Finally, in this collection and previous ones, we also pay attention to the round sunglasses models that you demand so much from us year after year.

    All this variety of models responds to a single intention, that you can find the model that best suits your specific need at any given time. Casual, nonconformist urban, athleisure, sport outfits, our polarized sunglasses work optimally for all types of aesthetics.

    Do we have sunglasses and sunglasses outlets?

    Last but not least, at The Indian Face, from time to time, we run spectacular sunglasses deals on old and new models, so whether you want to buy polarized sunglasses, or give sunglasses as a gift, polarized sunglasses, be sure to keep an eye on the news in our online sunglasses store, pay close attention to our sunglasses outlet, as well as subscribe to our newsletter to discover our sunglasses offers.

    In our sunglasses outlet you will find the best sunglasses deals on the market, whether you want to buy polarized sunglasses or if you want to give polarized sunglasses as a gift. The Indian Face is always your best value for money option. Yes, the best and we say it proud, very proud of the work we do, the work done by each and every one of the people who make up the technical and design team to present you with the best and most versatile offer on the market. If you are looking to buy sunglasses, if you are looking for an online sunglasses store, if you are looking for a sunglasses outlet, whether you want to buy polarized sunglasses or give polarized sunglasses as a gift, whether you want round sunglasses, square sunglasses, fashion sunglasses, modern sunglasses, we are your reference brand.

    Today, at The Indian Face we offer spectacular collections of round sunglasses, square sunglasses, modern sunglasses, trendy sunglasses… anyway

    The best sunglasses of all types and styles! Have you already bought in our online sunglasses store? If you haven't done so yet, we invite you to look at our collections of polarized sunglasses and visit our sunglasses outlet, so you can choose the ones you like the most and fit your lifestyle. As you can see we are lovers of sports, action and fashion. This is perfectly reflected in our sunglasses store.

    You can see for yourself by visiting all the sections of our sunglasses outlet! We guarantee that you will be fascinated with the wide variety of polarized sunglasses that we launch every year, designed for sports, designed for adventure Take advantage of buying polarized sunglasses and sports accessories with our offers, always of quality, and always at la moda Get ready for the best adventures and wear one of the best online sunglasses brands out there!

    Do you know how important it is to buy sunglasses?

    Sunglasses are one of the most used accessories in the world. They have no distinction of age or sex, and are highly recommended by expert doctors, both on the sunniest days, as well as in winter and on cloudy days without distinction. In addition, wearing polarized sunglasses has become an important part of the ideal outfit for many, so much so that, at present, the best sunglasses are those that fulfill these two functions: fashion and protection.

    Many experts believe that the various sunglasses brands are doing an amazing job for the community by offering so much choice and variety while also educating about the importance of wearing polarized sunglasses at any time of the year, and not only in summer. The best sunglasses can be obtained in physical stores, opticians, as well as digitally, online, at normal prices or even discounted in different sunglasses outlets.

    At The Indian Face we have become fans of polarized sunglasses, especially sports sunglasses and fashion sunglasses, our aim is to offer the best possible sunglasses at the best price. This last year we have dedicated ourselves to exploring new frames that have led to very interesting designs of round sunglasses and square sunglasses. This has positioned the brand excellently against our competition. In this way, a wide variety of experts and magazines include us among the best sunglasses in Spain today, especially in the sports and casual sport categories, which is what we specialize in.

    At The Indian Face we stand out for offering fashion, protection and sporty style. Our sunglasses are inspired by our brand philosophy. We are not just an online sunglasses brand, we are adventurers who design sports accessories for other adventurers, for other free spirits, longing to accompany you in each of the sports disciplines you do.

    You will find our sunglasses store available online, and without a doubt, we tell you, without fear of being wrong, that it is one of the best options to buy sunglasses today. Currently, we collaborate with dozens of athletes who are as fans of modern sunglasses as we are. As a brand of sunglasses, polarized sunglasses and sports accessories that we have been for more than 15 years, The Indian Face is proud to regularly present an extensive collection of modern sunglasses that fit both in cities and in nature. It is commonly thought that the best sunglasses do not exist, but we believe otherwise. In our online store and sunglasses outlet you will undoubtedly find uninsex options that will leave you amazed and will produce in you an irrepressible feeling of going out to play sports and explore the world in search of new adventures.

    In fact, at The Indian Face that is our main purpose, to be truly competitive against other sunglasses brands, and to offer the best possible quality in the market. Our trendy sunglasses really never go out of style, because they have been designed to last for years and years.It does not matter if you prefer round sunglasses or square sunglasses or modern sunglasses, in our sunglasses outlet you will undoubtedly find the ideal option for you or to give as a gift. The latter is precisely what we would like to emphasize Right now, polarized sunglasses are a great gift option for our loved ones no matter if they are fashion sunglasses lovers as they are always a super functional accessory that we all love to receive.

    No rules, no limits. Just Indian Spirit