Gafas Snowboard, selecciona las mejores en solo 3 pasos


Snowboard goggles, select the best ones in just 3 steps

It is always a good time to stop and consider which are the best snowboard goggles (or snowboard goggles) that we can get on the market, and be prepared for when the next trip to the snow comes.

And the thing is that, whether you practice it regularly or not, you get this extreme sport very close to you when you visit snowy places like the Sierra Nevada or if you plan a trip Colorado, where the opportunity to try and practice it with your colleagues is always present.

For those who don't know, the dynamics of the sport is very simple: you use a snowboard (snowboard) with bindings and boots to slide down a snow-covered slope, applying techniques and maneuvers that make you a extreme sport.

They say that the first snowboard was invented around 1965 by Sherman Poppen, an American engineer (Muskegon, Michigan) who decided to tie two skis and give them as a toy to his daughters so they could play in the snow. Since then it has been developed and popularized over the years as an adventure sport, and it has been gaining more and more popularity among athletes, although it was not until 2015 that it was incorporated into the Olympic Games and received the international recognition it deserves. .

Today, thousands of people practice this sport professionally and then thousands more visit spots on their vacations and dare to take lessons and take their first steps in snowboarding.

But there is one thing that any of these brave men (professionals or beginners) have in common: they always carry their board, their equipment and their snowboard goggles with them. It is essential that they use a suitable board, boots, thermal clothing, gloves, glasses or a protective mask and a lot of encouragement to venture into the action.

It may look complicated, but it's really quite simple! When we choose our snowboard goggles there are three key moments that will help you choose the best ones, and we explain them here.

If you are entering the world of snowboarding, or simply want to replace your old goggles with better ones, we have the perfect formula for you to choose well the next time you buy snowboard goggles. Choose yours in 3 steps!

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Eye protection is very important when it comes to snowboard goggles. It is essential that when buying them you look very carefully if they have 99% or 100% sun protection so that they really protect you.

In addition, you should make sure that they have UV-400 protection. This means that your snowboard goggles will block any ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of less than 400 nanometers, and their filter will protect you from UVA and UVB rays.

Also, if you have visited and practiced snow sports, you know very well that the excess of luminosity is tremendous, especially during the winter season because the position of the sun in the sky is lower. The rays are projected with a harmful inclination for the eyes under these conditions and also very annoying if we do not wear our proper snowboard mask or goggles.

Scientifically speaking, we must also consider that the snow under these conditions will reflect light, because the white color does not absorb it but rather repels it. That is why being in contact with the snow means that you perceive the light from many different angles and fronts, so we must protect ourselves very well.

It is important to consider that your snowboard goggles comply with ISO standards to protect you properly and that they are endorsed by the CE in compliance with European safety standards.

Gafas Snowboard


Snowboard goggles will not only protect your eyes from solar radiation, they will also help you with your performance when sliding through the snow, because they will considerably improve your visibility. That is why it is very important that you choose the best pair of snowboard goggles, always paying attention to the lenses you wear, from design and color to category.


There are plenty of snowboard goggles, but few are the ones to help you progress in the sport. You will see many color options and you will wonder which one to choose? They are different? The truth is that they are different and each one has specific characteristics so that you have better visibility when sliding. Learn a little more about the colors that suit your snowboard goggles best!

  • Yellow snowboard goggles

They are recommended when the luminosity is low, for example, when you go out and it is dawning, if you practice snowboarding at sunset, and also if there is fog in the environment or the day is cloudy or partly cloudy.

  • Orange snowboard goggles

This color follows yellow, so it is also indicated for partly cloudy days and with little light, but they help more to increase the level of color contrast that your eyes perceive.

  • Red snowboard goggles

Reduce eye fatigue and offer excellent depth of field and increased contrast in colors. This lens color is especially recommended for sports goggles and masks in snowy environments, and also for all-terrain sports.

  • Blue snowboard goggles

They are recommended for sunny days, but you can also use them on partly cloudy days. Snowboard goggles with blue lenses offer a "Cold" vision of the panorama, helping to counteract excessive warm or yellow light that comes from the sun's rays, and reducing eye fatigue that occurs for this reason.

  • Purple snowboard goggles (purple or violet)

The glasses with purple lenses help to attenuate the excess light produced by the light reflections in the environment, helping you to better perceive the outline of the objects and people around you. With these glasses you also improve your depth field vision, as well as improve the perception of colors when you are outdoors.

  • Grey snowboard goggles

They reduce the maximum amount of light possible, so they are recommended on sunny days and peak hours during the day. In addition, they help you better recognize true colors in the environment around you.

  • Green snowboard goggles

It is especially recommended when practicing winter sports that they involve a lot of speed and mobility in their maneuvers. They support the eye when it focuses on surrounding objects and help it distinguish their contours and contrasts. This model of glasses reduces vision on very cloudy days, and helps to balance light on sunnier days.

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The best snowboard goggles will protect you on both sunny and cloudy days, but only if you use the correct category of lenses. Do you already know them? Quality glasses come with a category indication, ranging from CAT0 to CAT4, and which to a greater or lesser extent filter or allow the passage of light that passes through them. Category zero would be the lightest, and category 4 the darkest.

  • Category 0

They are practically transparent. They can be colorless or have a very light and soft color. Its light transmission filters from 80% to 100%.

  • Category 1

Light in color and ideal for use when the light is low, when the sun goes down in the evening, at dawn, and on cloudy days. Its light transmission filters from 43% to 80%.

  • Category 2

They are medium dark crystals. Its light transmission filters from 18% to 43%, indicated for cases of medium luminosity.

  • Category 3

It has a color that is dark enough to feel comfortable in the sun and during peak hours. Its light transmission filters from 8% to 18%. They provide you with the ideal level of darkness for practicing outdoor sports, when the light intensity ranges from medium to intense.

  • Category 4

This category of crystals is really dark. In fact, they are not allowed to be used for driving. They are used in bright circumstances where category 3 lenses are not enough. Its light transmission filters from 3% to 8%, being the darkest among all categories.

Category 1 and Category 3 are the most suitable to use when you practice snowboarding depending on the climatic circumstance in which you find yourself.


It is highly recommended that you choose snowboard goggles with interchangeable magnetic lenses that allow you to instantly choose the lens category that suits you best. Weather conditions can change from one moment to another, and if your snowboard goggles have this advantage, then you can change them in a few seconds and use the correct one.

Snow sports such as skiing or snowboarding are extreme and adventure sports that should be taken very seriously. It requires physical, mental and equipment preparation, which must be of the best quality to guarantee the best moments of adrenaline and fun.

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Remember that the material you choose for your snowboard goggles and a good fit on your face will guarantee that they correctly fulfill their protective function, both against the sun's rays and inclement weather.

Tips for choosing the best snowboard goggles:

  • It is essential to choose snowboard goggles that fit your face correctly. They must have anti-slip straps to fix them well to your face and to your helmet (when you already have it on). They can't be staggering while you perform your maneuvers. In addition, it is important that they fit your face correctly, including the side areas, so that they cover your peripheral vision well.
  • They should be light. Look what material the snowboard goggles are made of. Choose, for example, thermoplastic polyurethane, which is the most suitable, and they will help you to wear the highest quality and lightness.
  • Better if they have an “Antifog” or “Antifog” system. If your snowboard goggles have this system, they will help you avoid fogging while you slide through the snow.
  • Opt for snowboard goggles with an internal ventilation system. The best thing is that they have anti-condensation technology. This allows air recirculation for better visibility.

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With all these tips you will feel more prepared to enjoy the adventure of snowboarding. You already know, with these three simple steps you can choose the most suitable snowboard goggles to truly feel the adrenaline of the sport. Feel free to choose the best and change your vision when snowboarding! Follow these steps and become an expert in snowboard goggles.

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